October 22, 2019

Sell Books through Twitter?

Book promotionGalleyCat has a story about David Wolman, contributing editor to Wired, testing out Chirpify.com software that permits users to conduct purchases (or make donations) without leaving their Twitter.com or Instagram.com stream.

The video on Chirpify says, “No more ‘add to cart.’ No more ‘check-out.'” And, “no more credit card forms.” The video gives the impression that this is a PayPal-type account, but without the rigamarole of opening one’s account.

Wolman is selling his book,  The End Of Money, on Twitter. To buy the book, a reader hits reply”to a specially coded Tweet with the word buy in the text to enter the payment system and download the eBook. Woman’s test is to determine if he can get any sales this way. He is offering an epub eBook version at $5.99.

Is Twitter a viable platform for selling goods? We will see.

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