February 25, 2020

Self-publishing eBook marketing essentials

Alison Horton has posted “5 Essentials of eBook Marketing.” They are:

  1. Create a killer cover
  2. Build your own bookstore
  3. Build and talk to your fan base
  4. Be your biggest fan
  5. Leverage that metadata, especially keywords

The biggest surprise for me was item 4 and the way item 3 was described: To build your fan base, you should send email newsletters. Ask your followers about their desires and “give them what they came for.”

To be your biggest fan, you need to sell yourself as though you were talking about your best friend. Use social media to contact your followers every day.

For professionals focused on nonfiction, I think they need to de-emphasize the self-as-best-friend (item 4) in order to emphasize a revised item 3: the subject or content being shared. That is, one needs to remain the author treating a subject, sharing content and insights.

Just as the ebook is not written for one’s peers, but for those seeking more insight or understanding.

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