October 20, 2019

Self-Publishing Case Studies by Jason Boog

Jason Boog posted his slides from the Media App Summit about the rise and current status of self-publishing (slides 2-3). The case of Cora Carmack (slides 7-8) is especially interesting because it documents the birth of a new genre in 2009, which is now the third most influential genre in sales of self-publishing.

All four highest selling genres (especially the titles in Boog’s case studies) focus on the salsa of experience in gheir genre–Romance, Erotic, New Adult, and Thrillers–and each genre probably has a following or set of core readers so that entries are picked up efficiently and consumed.

For your reference, here are links to the major digital self-publishing alternatives that let you sign up for free: Kindle Direct PublishingBarnes & Noble PubItSmashwordsiBookstore and Kobo Writing Life.

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