April 6, 2020

Fiction Proposal Resources

Fiction Book ProposalMany fiction authors comment that it was harder to get an agent than a publishing agreement.The main reason is not surprising: literary agents are primary filters for the major and even mid-size publishing houses.A second reason, although hidden, is nearly as important. Few model proposals circulate for fiction. And when one is suggested to an author, she or he usually remarks afterward that it offered little true help.

The reason for this lack of models, then, is that fiction proposals need to be custom-built.Successful authors treat this nettlesome task as a fiction short-story or creative writing exercise.Most book agents or literary agents want to see the following items:

  • A query letter that elicits a request to see a manuscript sample (for a free book on queries, download Noah Lukeman’s Write a Great Query).
  • The first 50-pages (or 3 chapters) of story, double-spaced, and copy edited
  • A 1-3 page synopsis of the entire story that lifts up the author’s writing style and piques the reader’s interest
  • Assurance that the manuscript is completed and can be sent quickly should the agent want to see more

Fiction Proposal Review

Send us your query, proposal, and sample for our analysis and report to you. To engage these services or check our fees phone or email us. You will receive a written evaluation and 30-minutes of phone time when you can ask your questions. Our turn-around time is five business days, but can be as quick as two business days.