October 22, 2019

Why Publisher Rejections May Strengthen Your Results

Book Proposal Influence DifferenceCould the good news for authors of scientific papers be a consolation to authors of fiction and nonfiction?

The news: scientific authors submitted their papers to the most prestigious journals and, if declined there, were submitted to a journal with slightly less prestige, reports Phil Davis in his blog, “Mapping the Flow of Rejected Manuscripts.”

One finding was especially intriguing, namely:

While resubmission costs authors time and effort, it also comes with real benefits. Articles previously rejected by another journal received significantly more citations than articles published on their first submission attempt.

Citations (references to others’ works) is a standard way in science of measuring a paper’s importance or influence–much as sales are in trade fiction and nonfiction.

Could your work be significantly apart from the norm that it raises concerns among your early reviewers? And could this difference also attract book buyers when finally published?


Image credit: iqoncept / 123RF Stock Photo


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