June 7, 2020

Your Goals–Achieved

Timothy Staveteig
Imagine showing your finished book to friends and work colleagues. What will they say? What doors will your book open for you?

How will your goals be achieved? And when?

At My Literary Coach(TM) we work with some of the best authors in publishing. Perhaps like you, they have either keen awareness of their subject (nonfiction) or passion for a story well told (fiction).We make your book proposal shine, help you knock on doors, and get published. In fact, our mission is to “help you get published well” –garnering the best offer or outcome your project can achieve.

Does this service fit you?

We can help both first-time authors who don’t know where to start and already published authors who are tired of sending out a stream of proposals.

We can help the authors who want to write for readers. We are often less able to help authors who have something they want to say. The reason? Publishers are seeking what will sell–that is, what readers want to purchase.

We can help authors who network with others. Nonfiction authors today need to present a platform–connections with potential readers so that a buzz can be generated. We are less able to help authors who want to write, but never interact with readers (or potential readers).

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