February 25, 2020

Get a Fresh Angle in Author Book Proposal–Don’t Just Be Persistent


Adults with Autism

USA Today posted an article about Tom Fields-Meyer who shopped his proposal for a book about raising a son with autism. His persistence over several years finally paid off in that his book is now being published.

Persistence–sustained action in making an outcome happen–is not the key take-away, in my opinion. The fresh angle that tracks with parents of autistic children is the news.

“Many publishers passed, saying they did not want another book by the parent of an autistic child. But Fields-Meyer persisted. His story, he was sure, was different. He did not view his experience as a battle against autism but the adventure of living with a child touched by it.”

Instead of seeing autism as a disease to be cured, parents and practitioners are now treating it as a perspective to be included, especially as children with autism are entering adulthood.

Fields-Meyer recounts in his book “how a counselor invited him to grieve the child that Ezra was not. But there’s nothing to grieve, Fields-Meyer responded. … [I] just wanted to love the kid I had,” he says.

That’s the fresh angle other adults needed put into words. Find that, and then be persistent, especially if society needs to catch up a bit.

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