June 7, 2020

4. Receive Best Fit from Our Network

We match a network expert to your job My Literary Coach continues to develop a network of editorial specialists who know your genre, current trends, and what you need to do to keep your proposal out of the decline pile.Why is this important?Some of our peer services do all of the work themselves. Which is fine, except that it can lead to a similar style or approach across many proposals.Other services allow you to pick a reviewer based on a brief biography. You and everyone else in your genre are likely to pick that same name or two. This results in a similar problem, namely, your proposal gets the same treatment.

Our research indicates that literary agents and book editors seek fresh, fitting, and bold things. The finding is not surprising. Yet achieving this is.

So My Literary Coach works with a broad range of reviewers to keep things spicy and different.

Send an email request here; if you want to receive a phone call, then include your phone number along with two or three days and times that are most convenient for you.