June 7, 2020

2. Take Comfort in Our Excellence Program

You want assistance with your book proposal or writing project. How do you know who you can trust?

My Literary Coach offers an excellence process for both written and verbal work. This policy offers a process ahead of time should you not be entirely satisfied with your results.

We think this policy offers protections for you and for us. You check it out and see if you don’t agree.

Excellence for Text Services

We strive for excellence in all textual work by following this process:

  • My Literary Coach (MLC) and client sign a work agreement–not
    an author-agent agreement–and the client pays a deposit
    (approximately one-half of fee, depending on the size and complexity of the assignment)
  • MLC will then confirm the client’s service and output requirements
    MLC will submit a sample output for the client’s approval
  • If MLC cannot make the sample conform to the client’s expectations, then the project will be cancelled, the deposit refunded, and client owing nothing
  • If the client has accepted the sample, but not accept the final output, then MLC will produce a second-pass document, taking into account the client’s written concerns
  • If the client still does not approve the final work, then MLC will keep deposit (the approximately one-half payment) and forgive the second-half payment request from the client
  • If MLC has produced documents that the client has not accepted, then the client shall not use those documents in subsequent rewrites, proposals, and so forth

Excellence in Coaching Services

We strive for excellence in coaching services by following this process:

  • A half-hour FREE coaching session is completed
  • Client states goals for the coaching
  • Client is offered an agreement–different from the author-agent agreement–and signs it
  • A schedule of appointments is created
  • Client pays by the session
  • If client is not satisfied with results, then client can terminate coaching at any time

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