June 7, 2020

Customization, not Information

Ho123RF 26325377_sw much information should be given away on websites, in webinars, or through eBooks? If a new ;product or service launch doesn’t go as well as its sponsors had hoped, did they give away too much? Overload their viewers? Or, give them enough to work on without purchasing more information?

Justin Livingston, co-founder of Lucrative Luminary Training, posted a video on his Facebook page to address these questions. Turns out: Justine and Calley in their training sessions, eBooks, and videos give away 100 percent of their information.

Your information is not unique. His rationale is simple: a quick Google or Youtube search will bring up lots of information sufficient to solve the problem or do the task. In sum, you cannot communicate your information without releasing it.

Why doesn’t this spell the end of every business? Because people are not seeking the information. They believe that their situation is unique.

Therefore, they need someone to translate or customize the info to their particular, peculiar situation. Justin calls this customization, which is adapting something to specific set of circumstances.

As a fiction book coach, I could hand my clients a dictionary, Chicago Manual of Style, and a guide to fiction writing. I believe, however, that my clients would take umbrage as they already own such materials.

They don’t have a spelling problem or even a style problem. They have a why-does-the-story-bog-down-here?-problem. They are buying customization, not information. This distinction will change how I coach clients.

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