April 6, 2020

Kindle Sales Help New Fiction Authors Attract Traditional Publishers

“Could Shave 12 to 18 Months off Typically Long Timeline for First Novel” My Literary Coach announces a new service and strategy for aspiring fiction authors who have a manuscript, but no agent or traditional publisher—which pays publication costs and gives authors a royalty on all sales. “The problem most new authors have is this: […]

Customization, not Information

How much information should be given away on websites, in webinars, or through eBooks? If a new ;product or service launch doesn’t go as well as its sponsors had hoped, did they give away too much? Overload their viewers? Or, give them enough to work on without purchasing more information? Justin Livingston, co-founder of Lucrative […]

Adding Value: A Simple Concept for Publishing

Bob Mayer, a much published author, has posted “A Simple Concept for Publishing.” Here’s the whole thing: The story is the product. Not the book, not the eBook, not the audio book. Only, the story. The consumer is the reader. Not the bookstores, not the platform, not the distributor, not the sales force. The Reader. […]

Non Fiction Book Editing — My Proposal Needs Improvement?

Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent, post a while back “More on Revision Letters” http://bit.ly/afn0w7. In effect an author wonders: “The agent liked my proposal, but I got this long list of suggested changes. What does it mean? What should I do now?” This same problem emerges for nonfiction authors, either with their agent or an acquisitions […]

Writing Coach, Not “Do as I Do” (Interview, part 3)

[This is the third and final portion of an interview Tim gave.] Interviewer: Do you also write? Tim: Yes, I am a member of the Romance Writers of America and its local affiliate, North East Ohio RWA Interviewer: I recognize the genre as one of the best-selling of all in the U.S. Is this what […]

Moving to Word Press

Hello, Word Press. For the past 18 months, My Literary Coach has been hosted by Hubspot.com, a full-featured hosting site. And I loved it. Hubspot, the fastest growing lead management tool in the late 2000s, began by focusing on so-called inbound marketing strategies–you know, an active blog, lots of free content to attract prospects or […]