October 22, 2019

Kindle Sales Help New Fiction Authors Attract Traditional Publishers

“Could Shave 12 to 18 Months off Typically Long Timeline for First Novel” My Literary Coach announces a new service and strategy for aspiring fiction authors who have a manuscript, but no agent or traditional publisher—which pays publication costs and gives authors a royalty on all sales. “The problem most new authors have is this: […]

Customization, not Information

How much information should be given away on websites, in webinars, or through eBooks? If a new ;product or service launch doesn’t go as well as its sponsors had hoped, did they give away too much? Overload their viewers? Or, give them enough to work on without purchasing more information? Justin Livingston, co-founder of Lucrative […]

Author Platform as Building Community: John Jantsch [podcast]

Do you think of your writing as a small business? How much time and effort do you put into growing that business? Does it sputter along from one published book to the next–or from one unsold manuscript to the next? John Jantsch, author of several books including The Commitment Engine: Making Work Worthy It (Portfolio-Penguin, […]

How Rejection Breeds Creativity

The Behance Team points to Stephani Germanotti as a model for how to turn your rejection into a dramatic boost for your motivation and focus. Actually Stephani dropped out of a promising degree in musical theater to pursue a gig with Def Jam. After six months, however, they released her from her contract. She turned […]

Author Testimonials – How Important Are They?

My Literary Coach doesn’t solicit or post testimonials or endorsements on our website. This practice we list as one of the five practices that distinguish us from similar sounding services. Should we rethink this policy? Sue Duris might keep things as is. In a recent Marketing Profs posting, she opens with this story: I recently […]

Adding Value: A Simple Concept for Publishing

Bob Mayer, a much published author, has posted “A Simple Concept for Publishing.” Here’s the whole thing: The story is the product. Not the book, not the eBook, not the audio book. Only, the story. The consumer is the reader. Not the bookstores, not the platform, not the distributor, not the sales force. The Reader. […]

10 Reasons to Write a Book Proposal Before the Nonfiction Book

Elizabeth Rusch has an excellent blog on VivaScriva.com titled, “10 Reasons to Write a Book Proposal BEFORE Writing the Book” (and which amberjkeysercalled to my attention on Twitter). One dominant theme in Elizabeth’s list is the benefit of planning ahead or being efficient with your writing time. For example, item 10 is the outline and […]

Visualizing Author Breakthrough Experiences

As an author, what keeps you going? What holds you back? Last month, I participated in a conference call featuring Bryan Franklin, “The $10 Million Business Coach”–that’s a million per year, and he has done this for over 10 years in a row. (Yes, through both 9-11 and the Great Recession.) Authors are artists aiming […]

Creating Time for Creative Writing

  Paul Graham, an internet pioneer, distinguishes between two types of schedules: the manager‘s and the maker‘s schedule. “The manager’s schedule is for bosses. It’s embodied in the traditional appointment book, with each day cut into one hour intervals. You can block off several hours for a single task if you need to, but by […]

Complementing a Literary Agent’s Shortcomings

Wendy Lawton, literary agent at Books and Such, has written a series of blogs about the shortcomings of literary agents. Short-comings, Not Agent Failures? She calls them failures, but I think she is being too harsh on herself and her peers. The truth is that in the priorities, all agents need to fill out their […]