April 6, 2020

Customization, not Information

How much information should be given away on websites, in webinars, or through eBooks? If a new ;product or service launch doesn’t go as well as its sponsors had hoped, did they give away too much? Overload their viewers? Or, give them enough to work on without purchasing more information? Justin Livingston, co-founder of Lucrative […]

3 Ways in which novels and screenplays are similar

  Michael Ferris, a former Hollywood Lit Manager, now helps writers get their foot in the door. He has a great post, “7 Ways Writing a Screenplay Is Different than Writing a Novel.” In the middle of his presentation, Ferris elucidates helpful points for fiction writers. He says, On the physical pages of the script, […]

An Author’s First Rule in Writing

Every book editor and literary agent seems to have a list of rules handy. And Anica Mrose Rissi, an Executive Editor at Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, seems no exception. In her post on Writer’s Digest, she lists nine rules for authors. I have wondered how much each person’s list related to […]

Two Plotting Extremes in Writing Fiction

This discussion applies to both novelists and nonfiction authors, even though the material comes from the fiction side. Ann Patchett, novelist, has a good entry in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal (9/25/2010; C10), “The Primacy of Plot.” Patchett writes, “A tale well told can sweep up a reader in a way that dazzling characters, piercing language […]