October 20, 2019

Jill Corcoran’s 1st Paragraph Advice for Fiction Book Proposals

My last blog entry raved about Query Shark‘s method for writing a query letter. I also began an organized list of recommendations that Janet Reid makes. Yet, Query Shark is only one method for writing successful query letters. Another was called to my attention by Jill Morrison via Twitter to Jill Corcoran‘s “The Hows and […]

Janet Reid’s Query Shark Advice for Fiction Writers

An author friend recently raved about Query Shark by Janet Reid. After returning to it–I was last on several months ago–I had to agree. Janet offers the best practical advice to fiction writers for composing their query letters. The benefit of Janet’s blog is two-fold: First, her comments are in context reacting to actual author […]

Write an Effective Query Letter and Proposal–1

Paragraph 1 is your “elevator speech,” that 20- or 30-word description of what your book is about and (if possible) a hint at its core readership. This should be as fun and intriguing as your subject and primary readership. Michael Larsen, How to Get a Literary Agent–(yes, the Michael Larsen; literary agent who writes great […]

4 Insider Tips for Would-be Published Authors

Recently a would-be author bemoaned that “you need to know someone to get published.” I suggested a previous blog, “Top 5 Getting Published Myths that Defeat Authors.” “Knowing someone” is the top myth. Stacy Madden (pictured) has blogged about this same problem in “The Slings and Arrows of Getting Published: Insider Tips for Would Be […]