October 22, 2019

Kindle Digital Platform, iBookstore, and Top Earning Authors

Not a Gold Rush: The Taleist 2012 Self-Publishing Survey by Dave Cornfield and Steven Lewis is chock full of information from over 1,000 self-published authors. Among top earners–the top 10 percent who judge they could live from their earnings–they have books for sale in more places (as of February 2012): Kindle¬† +43% more than non-top-earning […]

Press Releases that Fit the Crime, Romance, or Nonfiction Work

David Cornford and Steven Lewis have published Not a Gold Rush: The 2012 Taleist Self-Publishing Survey (Taleist, 2012). While I am still digesting the comparisons made, especially between the top earners and the remainder of those surveyed, it offers some of the first detailed information about self-publishing authors and their practices. The author descriptions at […]

How to Get the Book Title You Want

The new movie starring Helen Hunt is now on its third title, “The Sessions.” Before that, it was called “Six Sessions,” but that was too hard to say. The movie producers actually wanted to use the title “The Surrogate,” but that title was already wrapped up and unavailable. Turns out, according to the Wall Street […]

Author Platform: What to Do when You Don’t Have One

  Planet Earth Reiki Galaxyoffers encouragement for creating a platform–you know, a soapbox from which you can build visibility before submitting proposals. Good advice. Recently, a new client asked whether this is an iron-clad rule. “If I don’t have a platform, am I simply wasting opportunities to get published?” In a word, yes. It needs […]

As a Book Author, Do You Feel Unnoticed? Here’s What to Do

Why is a literary agency’s senior director of publicity who formerly worked at HarperCollins now joining another former HarperCollins colleague in setting up “a firm that aims to help writers from the proposal stage through publication and beyond”? Because Dee Dee De Bartlo (pictured), Gretchen Crary, and Kimberly Crowser believe that “the future of the […]