October 22, 2019

Author Platform: Use Google-Plus new community feature [video]

Google-Plus now lets users build and join communities. View a one-minute promotional video or use this YouTube link. In a previous post today, I noted that author platforms are about building community. And this is how authors can grow their readership as well as their small business. Hubspot offers these insights: What Are Google+ Communities? […]

Author Platform as Building Community: John Jantsch [podcast]

Do you think of your writing as a small business? How much time and effort do you put into growing that business? Does it sputter along from one published book to the next–or from one unsold manuscript to the next? John Jantsch, author of several books including The Commitment Engine: Making Work Worthy It (Portfolio-Penguin, […]

How to Fix “13 Hilarious Examples of Truly Awful Stock Photography”?

Hubspot.com has posted “13 Hilarious Examples of Truly Awful Stock Photography.” While I am glad not to see my pics from 123rf.com (where I get my graphics). I am embarrassed at how close some of them come. On the right is a portion of the search box on my image service. How do you humanize […]

Sell Books through Twitter?

GalleyCat has a story about David Wolman, contributing editor to Wired, testing out Chirpify.com software that permits users to conduct purchases (or make donations) without leaving their Twitter.com or Instagram.com stream. The video on Chirpify says, “No more ‘add to cart.’ No more ‘check-out.’” And, “no more credit card forms.” The video gives the impression […]

Authors, Engage Readers with QR Codes

Emily Craven, guest blogger at The Creative Penn, has an excellent article on how authors can use QR codes to engage readers. QR codes are free to generate, and they can direct a smart phone user to any website or media link, such as a YouTube video, a donation page, or a discount coupon. The […]

Is Your Author Platform Built on Fake Followers?

PC World has posted an excellent article on using a free tool to determine how many fake followers are among your twitter followers. Having a large percentage of fake followers signals that your account has probably been compromised. The algorithm uses these elements: The Following / Followers ratio is less than 50 Following / 1 […]

Literary Agents: Subscribe to Publishers Lunch

Jason Boog–editor of GalleyCat and managing editor of AppNewser–recently posted a blog titled “5 Ways to Find an Agent for Your Book.” I want to plug his last item, which is a favorite of mine. Jason’s first four items are solid, but things one can read several places (including my own blog entries): Follow agents […]

Author Platform: Generate Reader Interest by Engaging Readers on a Personal Level

“The whole idea behind social media for authors is that engaging readers on a personal level with unique content generates reader interest and creates reader loyalty,” writes Laura Kay, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of nearly a dozen titles. Laura’s latest blog post lists 13 steps or ways to generate or […]

Reader Platforms Set up by Fiction Publishers

Chuck Sambuchino begins chapter 1 of his new book, Create Your Writer Platform, with this line: “Platform, simply put, is your visibility as an author.” Nonfiction authors especially have been told by agents and publishers’ editors that they need a platform. Here is good news for authors: some publishers are creating portals for readers in […]

Kindle Digital Platform, iBookstore, and Top Earning Authors

Not a Gold Rush: The Taleist 2012 Self-Publishing Survey by Dave Cornfield and Steven Lewis is chock full of information from over 1,000 self-published authors. Among top earners–the top 10 percent who judge they could live from their earnings–they have books for sale in more places (as of February 2012): Kindle¬† +43% more than non-top-earning […]