April 6, 2020

3 Ways in which novels and screenplays are similar

  Michael Ferris, a former Hollywood Lit Manager, now helps writers get their foot in the door. He has a great post, “7 Ways Writing a Screenplay Is Different than Writing a Novel.” In the middle of his presentation, Ferris elucidates helpful points for fiction writers. He says, On the physical pages of the script, […]

When Is Creative Nonfiction Too Fanciful?

Dave Hood has a great blog on “The Ethics of Writing Creative Nonfiction.” His considerations are even-handed, and his central point is spot on: Readers expect you to paint an accurate portrait of a person or an event with words. They expect that the writer will accurately describe events that have happened, and not add […]

Author Body-Language Cheat Sheet and the Dangers of Cliches

Carol Kaufman wrote The Writer’s Guide to Psychology . Her purpose? To help authors better communicate to readers behaviors that can suggest, say, agitation without telling readers this. She offers a free “Body Language Cheat Sheet,” which is helpful, especially in getting an author’s mind to get just the right clues. Yet, I feel compelled […]

6 Notes about the Book Proposal that Got Lena Dunham a $3.7 Million Deal

Lena Dunham’s Not that Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned” garnered a $3.7 million book deal from Random House. Download the 66-page proposal. Here are some of the things I see. 1. I usually recommend that the entire proposal be in Times New Roman, 12-point. Lena has gotten into character […]

Authors, Engage Readers with QR Codes

Emily Craven, guest blogger at The Creative Penn, has an excellent article on how authors can use QR codes to engage readers. QR codes are free to generate, and they can direct a smart phone user to any website or media link, such as a YouTube video, a donation page, or a discount coupon. The […]

How Rejection Breeds Creativity

The Behance Team points to Stephani Germanotti as a model for how to turn your rejection into a dramatic boost for your motivation and focus. Actually Stephani dropped out of a promising degree in musical theater to pursue a gig with Def Jam. After six months, however, they released her from her contract. She turned […]

Self-Publishing Case Studies by Jason Boog

Jason Boog posted his slides from the Media App Summit about the rise and current status of self-publishing (slides 2-3). The case of Cora Carmack (slides 7-8) is especially interesting because it documents the birth of a new genre in 2009, which is now the third most influential genre in sales of self-publishing. Self-Publishing Case […]

Author Platform: Generate Reader Interest by Engaging Readers on a Personal Level

“The whole idea behind social media for authors is that engaging readers on a personal level with unique content generates reader interest and creates reader loyalty,” writes Laura Kay, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of nearly a dozen titles. Laura’s latest blog post lists 13 steps or ways to generate or […]

Nonfiction Book Proposal Voices: Can You Find Your’s?

Carol Penn-Romine at BookLife offers insights into writing a nonfiction book proposal. Her comments on voice are especially worth repeating and underlining: Show your personality, but be sure the prose is tight. Publishers already have way too much to read, so get your point across as succinctly as possible. If you’re relying on your folksy […]

Writing a Bare Bones Synopsis

Beth Anderson has a helpful technique for writing a bare bones synopsis. Coming to this task, Beth recommends that you have in hand your character’s motivations, emotional unresolved issues, back story, and so on–all part of some internal conflict. You need to know what your main characters want and how they plan to get it. […]