April 6, 2020

Kindle Sales Help New Fiction Authors Attract Traditional Publishers

“Could Shave 12 to 18 Months off Typically Long Timeline for First Novel” My Literary Coach announces a new service and strategy for aspiring fiction authors who have a manuscript, but no agent or traditional publisher—which pays publication costs and gives authors a royalty on all sales. “The problem most new authors have is this: […]

Author Promotion — Personal Branding

The hardest problem to fix when authors contact me is the lack of an author platform. If you are just getting started on one, then read this blog through and proceed to basic set up: How to use your author name consistently across all social media. After you have set up your accounts, you will […]

Author platform: Do more than word of mouth

Spredfast.com offers a report about small business publicity in which over twice as many (79%) depend on word of mouth (WOM) to promote their business than social media (35%). Businesses use advertising almost in between at 44%. The Hiscox Small Business Survey also small businesses offering IT/media services or business services were much more likely […]

Author Platform: You cannot Tweet your way to success

The title is copied from Publishers Weekly email offer to authors. Old school now is thinking that social media forms the basis of your platform and that blogging at least weekly is your microphone. New school is grasping your current and future role in the process. Not only are you, the author, the hub of […]

When should authors enter contests?

Recently, a good friend contacted me about helping her nomination to final in Circle of Moms Top 25 Book Author Moms contest for 2012. The contest is sponsored annually by the Association of Journalists and Authors. This contest simply counts votes, and she earned enough to place among the top 25 authors. Her book is […]

Get a Fresh Angle in Author Book Proposal–Don’t Just Be Persistent

  USA Today posted an article about Tom Fields-Meyer who shopped his proposal for a book about raising a son with autism. His persistence over several years finally paid off in that his book is now being published. Persistence–sustained action in making an outcome happen–is not the key take-away, in my opinion. The fresh angle […]

Author Platform for Getting Published (Part 1)

Building your author’s platform? Querytracker a while back featured literary agent Kate Epstein on this issue. I want to tease out a distinction she makes that I find helpful. But first, Kate’s definition: An author’s platform is “something you specifically bring to promotion that will increase your book’s visibility in a way that another author […]

Author promotion: Amazon’s new review policy

The New York Times Sunday (12/23/2012; 1, 26) featured an article by David Streitfeld on “Giving Mom’s Book Five Stars? Amazon May Decide to Cull Your Review.” (Shown is the summary of the 225 reviews received by Natalie Goldstein’s Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer within [Shambhala, 2010.) It turns out, on the one […]

Author promotion with free design tools

Hubspot.com lists 13 free  visual design tools. One of my favorites is number 11, Vecteezy.com, which features free vector art. After viewing, you might think its designs are right out of 2000. And, they are. But look at that wallpaper again. Or, those location pointers. Their commercial rights statement seems fair and easy to follow. […]

Author Platform: Use Google-Plus new community feature [video]

Google-Plus now lets users build and join communities. View a one-minute promotional video or use this YouTube link. In a previous post today, I noted that author platforms are about building community. And this is how authors can grow their readership as well as their small business. Hubspot offers these insights: What Are Google+ Communities? […]