June 7, 2020

Get a Fresh Angle in Author Book Proposal–Don’t Just Be Persistent

  USA Today posted an article about Tom Fields-Meyer who shopped his proposal for a book about raising a son with autism. His persistence over several years finally paid off in that his book is now being published. Persistence–sustained action in making an outcome happen–is not the key take-away, in my opinion. The fresh angle […]

Self-publishing eBook marketing essentials

Alison Horton has posted “5 Essentials of eBook Marketing.” They are: Create a killer cover Build your own bookstore Build and talk to your fan base Be your biggest fan Leverage that metadata, especially keywords The biggest surprise for me was item 4 and the way item 3 was described: To build your fan base, […]

Author Platform for Getting Published (Part 1)

Building your author’s platform? Querytracker a while back featured literary agent Kate Epstein on this issue. I want to tease out a distinction she makes that I find helpful. But first, Kate’s definition: An author’s platform is “something you specifically bring to promotion that will increase your book’s visibility in a way that another author […]

To Get a Literary Agent, Make Your Query Letter–and Manuscript–Lean

Mike Wells is an American bestselling thriller and suspense author who also teaches creative writing at Oxford University. He is known for fast-paced, ‘unputdownable’ novels. His 5 Steps to Landing a Good Literary Agent is a helpful read. I want to focus on a side comment he makes: The main problem most writers have when […]

When Is Creative Nonfiction Too Fanciful?

Dave Hood has a great blog on “The Ethics of Writing Creative Nonfiction.” His considerations are even-handed, and his central point is spot on: Readers expect you to paint an accurate portrait of a person or an event with words. They expect that the writer will accurately describe events that have happened, and not add […]

NOT Signing the Publishing (or Editing) Deal

Jill Konrath has a short video on “Sales Integrity Is Being Willing to Not Sell Something.” As her examples point out, doing this is tough, especially when taking the deal meets goals or provides relief. Recently an author approached for advice about his publishing situation. He had received a publishing agreement from a smaller publisher. […]

3 Questions Your Book Proposal Must Answer – Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs posted an article that fits well with writing a book proposal or query letter. When working business to business (B2B), it is important to have “a provocative point of view,” one with narrative qualities. Writing your book query and book proposal is an author-to-literary agent situation. Many book proposals that I review offer […]

Why Publisher Rejections May Strengthen Your Results

Could the good news for authors of scientific papers be a consolation to authors of fiction and nonfiction? The news: scientific authors submitted their papers to the most prestigious journals and, if declined there, were submitted to a journal with slightly less prestige, reports Phil Davis in his blog, “Mapping the Flow of Rejected Manuscripts.” […]

10 Lessons from the world’s most captivating presenters

What Would Steve Do? 10 Lessons from the World’s Most Captivating Presenters from HubSpot All-in-one Marketing Software

Author Body-Language Cheat Sheet and the Dangers of Cliches

Carol Kaufman wrote The Writer’s Guide to Psychology . Her purpose? To help authors better communicate to readers behaviors that can suggest, say, agitation without telling readers this. She offers a free “Body Language Cheat Sheet,” which is helpful, especially in getting an author’s mind to get just the right clues. Yet, I feel compelled […]