June 7, 2020

Author Platform: You cannot Tweet your way to success

17015550The title is copied from Publishers Weekly email offer to authors. Old school now is thinking that social media forms the basis of your platform and that blogging at least weekly is your microphone.

New school is grasping your current and future role in the process. Not only are you, the author, the hub of your publishing career, you are the brand being promoted. and you are the chief agent by which your brand gets promoted.

For example, buzz today is that authors who utilize traditional publishing methods for some of their intellectual property and self-publishing for other works–the so-called hybrid approach–actually earns the most in royalties and commissions.

Publishing professionals are re-aligning their services in order to support such hybrid authors. For example, more than a few literary agents began publishing ebooks for clients whose rights had reverted. Now several agents, after a 12 week or so search, are ebook publishing and sharing the commissions. Publishers, meanwhile, are using self-published works as the new slush pile of potential acquisitions.

You cannot Tweet your way to success, but you can dream your way, plan, network, support others, and bargain your way. Most likely, you will need to assemble a support team to teach you or assist you in your goals.

Image credit: sssrrussia / 123RF Stock Photo

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