October 20, 2019

Author Platform: What to Do when You Don’t Have One


Building a Author Platform

Planet Earth Reiki Galaxyoffers encouragement for creating a platform–you know, a soapbox from which you can build visibility before submitting proposals. Good advice.

Recently, a new client asked whether this is an iron-clad rule. “If I don’t have a platform, am I simply wasting opportunities to get published?” In a word, yes.

It needs to be said that having 1500 or 15,000 Twitter followers doesn’t mean much. Yet, having a Twitter presence is important. Same for a Facebook account and a website with an active blog. You need to discuss the subject of your book (you don’t have to give your book away). You need to gain recognition, even authority, in your subject.

Working with nonfiction authors, I have seen one exception. When an author puts together a realistic, detailed publicity and promotion plan–one that the author intends to fund with energy and money–can tiptoe around the platform rule.

This detailed planning can also lift up new ways in which you can do more platform building. Have you identified a list of bloggers who could review your advance copies of your book? Start developing awareness of their blogs now. Comment on their reviews. Venture to leave comments based on your own research and writing.

Have you discovered communities where your readers gather? Then begin to engage them now.

Have you uncovered authorities in your subject area? Plan to ask some of them for endorsements for your back cover. Soon, read their materials and then ask them about parts of your argument.

In sum, what to do when you don’t have a platform is to begin to build one.

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