January 27, 2020

Author Platform: Use Google-Plus new community feature [video]

Google-Plus now lets users build and join communities.

View a one-minute promotional video or use this YouTube link.

In a previous post today, I noted that author platforms are about building community. And this is how authors can grow their readership as well as their small business.

Hubspot offers these insights:

What Are Google+ Communities?

Google+ Communities are places for people to gather around a specific subject matter. There are a few use cases for these communities that might be of particular interest to marketers:

  • Setting up public or private membership to support or discuss a particular topic or group — let’s say a local reading group, or people interested in Renaissance drama and poetry. (Stick with me here, I’m using that as an example later.) 😉
  • Finding conversations about a particular topic so you can participate in the discussion — like people interested in talking about John Donne’s poetry, for instance.
  • Starting Hangouts and planning events with community members — hey, your Marlowe book clubs have to start somewhere.
  • Sharing your community via +1 buttons — if you want more people to share the Shakespearean love, you bet your +1 buttons you’ll want to use this feature.

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