October 20, 2019

Author Platform — Keys for Using Twitter


Want to expand your author platform? Zeke Camusio has written on how Twitter can growany business. I have adapted his 12 ways for any business into 6 for book authors.


As an author, you need to develop your brand.

One key element is having a website with your name as it appears on your book cover and press releases.

Another is having a Twitter.com also set up with your name. You probably already have a Twitter account, but if not, set one up.

In case you’re wondering, an account by itself won’t grow your business, but Zeke is right–it’s where you need to start.

1. Grow Your Network

  • Search for keywords related to your market or genre and follow persons who have such terms in their descriptions or tweets.
  • Find the authorities in your market and follow the people following them. Most will follow you back.
  • Add a link button, such as “Follow Me on Twitter,” to your blog, website, business cards, and email signature. To link, the code is simple: http://www.twitter.com/YourTwitterID
  • Use Twitter directories such as Twellow (http://www.twellow.com/) or WeFollow (http://wefollow.com/) to find people in your market.
  • Every few weeks, un-follow those whom you have been following, but who have not followed you back. One good service to use is FlashTweet (http://flashtweet.com/).
  • Aim for quality, not quantity, of followers. It’s better to have 500 great followers than 5,000 good ones.

2. Re-Tweet

  • Re-tweeting is to tweets what forwarding is to email. When someone tweets about something you find interesting, re-tweet it so your followers can benefit from it too.
  • Re-tweeting other people’s content often allows them to notice you; many will to learn who you are.

3. Respond to Messengers More than Messages

  • Enter your Twitter ID in the search box to see who’s talking to or about you.
  • Check if you are following them; if not, follow them.
  • Avoid direct messages, even though these seem most like email. The reason is that spammers do a lot of direct messages (DMs).
  • See what your followers need and try to give it to them. A lot of people use Twitter to ask questions; answer them.

4. Tweet Often (But Not Too Often)

  • On the one hand, tweeting once a day will give you no visibility. On the other hand, if you tweet every 5 minutes, people will get annoyed.
  • Aiming for 3-10 Tweets per day is optimal for most people.
  • If your followers are dropping away, it’s usually because you are tweeting too much (or your tweets are boring or not interesting).
  • Use hash tags with caution. (A hash tag is a keyword preceded by the pound sign: #getpublished.) Don’t use them to stuff your tweets with keywords; people won’t like it.

5. Keep a Balance between Following/Followers

  • If you follow a lot people and only a few follow you, you’ll be seen as a spammer.
  • If a lot of people follow you and you don’t follow them back, it’s not very nice of you. Use FlashTweet or FriendOrFollow to balance your ratio.

6. Shower Your List with Love

  • This point is key and should be your goal in building your network.
  • My four favorite kinds of content to tweet about are content (article, videos, resources), contests, events, and specials.
  • Don’t tweet about your own content. Find other stuff you like, and tweet it.

Use these tips, and your author platform will grow.

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