October 20, 2019

Author Platform: Generate Reader Interest by Engaging Readers on a Personal Level

“The whole idea behind social media for authors is that engaging readers on a personal level with unique content generates reader interest and creates reader loyalty,” writes Laura Kay, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of nearly a dozen titles.

Laura’s latest blog post lists 13 steps or ways to generate or enhance your readers’ interest through Amazon and its Author Central system. You should read the entire post, but I found item 11 to be a helpful encouragement, namely, to set up your author account and keep it updated.

This item is the longest in her posting, and Laura offers a number of screen shots that expand to full screen when running a cursor over any of them.

Why do this? Laura writes:

According to Quantcast, a web information service that measures website audience data like traffic and demographics, over the past six months, Amazon has averaged 77,000,000 visitors a month. If you could entice .001% of those visitors to buy your book, you’d be selling 2,500 books a day—which is what the books in Amazon’s top 10 or 20 bestsellers are selling (if not more). The 30-60 minutes it might take you to set all this content up suddenly seems totally worth it, doesn’t it?

The math is simple, but astounding. All of this, of course, requires that an author have a book posted for advance ordering or already published. And when these steps are operated for your first book, you will have a plank in your author platform.

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