October 22, 2019

Adding Value: A Simple Concept for Publishing

Bob Mayer, a much published author, has posted “A Simple Concept for Publishing.”

Here’s the whole thing:

The story is the product. Not the book, not the eBook, not the audio book. Only, the story.

The consumer is the reader. Not the bookstores, not the platform, not the distributor, not the sales force. The Reader.

Authors produce story; readers consume story. If anyone is in the path between Author and Reader, then they must add value to that connection.

Story here applies both to fiction and nonfiction works.

Copy editing makes the story clearer by helping the author remove or rewrite ambiguous sentences or unspecified referents. Coaching helps the author stay on task and complete her or his goals. Book proposal writing polishes the offering to make it the most attractive to the widest group of readers.

That is the reason that we evaluate business offered to us before we commit to helping an author. We want to make sure that we can add value to your work.

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