June 7, 2020

About Us

Timothy Staveteig

 Our History and Mission

My Literary Coach was founded in 2009 by Timothy Staveteig.

For 25 years as an acquisitions editor, editorial director, and then imprint publisher, Timothy declined good ideas packaged in poorly written proposals. He reviewed about 70,000 proposals from which he gleaned over 1,200 titles, which he edited.

Timothy saw many good ideas packaged poorly. Because of the high flow through, he could not reply with help or make suggestions for improvement. At semi-retirement, he set up My Book Editor LLC as a way to give back to as many good authors as possible.

From this, My Literary Coach is dedicated helping authors develop the best proposal for submission to literary agents or publishers’ editors.


What Makes My Literary Coach Different from Other Services

My Literary Coach provides professional publishing-support services for book authors. Like our peers, we focus on what makes book proposals successful. These include freshness, fitness for a known or desired readership, and boldness–growth in sales is often seen at each genre’s edges or fringes.

Five other elements set us apart from similar services:

  1. We offer verbal as well as written feedback in our evaluations.
  2. We provide an excellence process to achieve satisfaction for all services rendered. Compare this to other services that simply state “There are no refunds for this service.”
  3. We offer a rapid turn-around, usually in 7 business days for most but our largest projects; for query packages, we often turn them around in 2 business days–and no rush charge!
  4. Our network of suppliers offers you the best fit. Of course, the tendency is for authors and reviewers to specialize in a few genres. Some services simply offer the work of their principals; other services offer brief bios for their review staff. We make a selection from our network for the best fit.
  5. We promise to protect your privacy and property by issuing both a Work for Hire agreement (WFH) which protects your claim as author of the work and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which protects your privacy. We do ask you for an endorsement when our assignment is completed. And, we appreciate it when you refer your contacts to us.

Send an email request here; if you want to receive a phone call, then include your phone number along with two or three days and times that are most convenient for you.