October 22, 2019

3 Questions Your Book Proposal Must Answer – Marketing Profs

Tell Your Story in Your Book ProposalMarketing Profs posted an article that fits well with writing a book proposal or query letter. When working business to business (B2B), it is important to have “a provocative point of view,” one with narrative qualities.

Writing your book query and book proposal is an author-to-literary agent situation.

Many book proposals that I review offer a slogan or a catchy tagline. These are fine, as far as they go–which, Robert Wright points out,  is not far. He says that you need to “stake out exclusive territory in the marketplace.” How? Previous nonfiction or fiction books addressed yesterday’s problem or question. Your book addresses a new set of questions or concerns.

The best proposals will answer three questions:

  1. Why does the marketplace need your story or how-to or other book now?
  2. Why is your solution different, even unique?
  3. How will this improve my life?

1. Think about the authors you enjoy reading or find helpful. Each of them owns a set of problems; each has an urgency to tackle them. What are your readers’ pain points? How can you remedy these? Why should book buyers pick up a copy of your book right away?

2. Wright recommends on the second question that the story (for your book proposal) be built as follows:

  • This is a big problem today and in the future
  • Other authors have tackled yesterday’s problems successfully, but a new approach is needed
  • Here are the essential capacities needed for a solution
  • Only you (the author) can deliver on these requirements

3. When describing the bright future after publication, focus on the impacts in the months following–don’t claim world peace eventually.

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