July 29, 2015


Your Literary Fiction Career
in 5 StepsTimothy Staveteig

Fiction authors find it harder to get their novels accepted by traditional publishers. Here is how to revamp and test your manuscript.

Submit Fiction Proposal with Potential

Be evaluated by the potential of your story; get coaching help to rewrite the text

1. Valuing Your Vision

In a 30- to 45-minute session, share your vision and goals; if a good fit, enroll in the launch program

2. Fiction on Fire

Capture reader interest by rewriting inner and external dialogue, introducing tension and delay so that the scenes click like a feature-length movie

3. Book Breakthrough

Rewrite your book proposal and produce a Kindle eBook for sale

Note: Selling a Kindle edition at $2.99 yields as much royalty as a paperback sold at $20; save your paperback edition for traditional publishers

4. Author Acceleration

Develop a sales plan to sell 5,000 units or more, then get active as a well-connected author

5. Launch a Literary Career

Work your plan, meeting to share successes two times each month

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